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3 Mobile App Development Ideas For Cannabis App/Startup

  • Introduction

Technology advancements are always helpful for customers and businesses. The mobile computing revolution is something that has changed the way we do traditional businesses.

In recent times, Uber has revolutionized many businesses such as laundry, handyman, and restaurant, with the help of mobile computing.

Now, it has turned its direction towards the on-demand cannabis business.

The demand for marijuana is increasing exponentially with the adoption of cannabis as a product for treating many medical conditions like arthritis, cancer, sugar, heart attacks, and many others. Therefore, it is the right time to enter the market with an online platform.

If you are running a cannabis startup and planning to develop a mobile app for your startup?

If so, follow us.

In this blog, we are going to brief you about the three Uber for medical cannabis app ideas. That can give huge profits by enhancing the online business opportunities of your traditional cannabis startup.

So, before we discuss the app development ideas, let us have a small glance at the stats of the cannabis industry.

  • Stats of the cannabis industry

According to the research, Legal marijuana market size expected to reach US$66.3 Billion by the end of 2025.

The USA legal cannabis market was valued at US$ 11.9 Billion in 2018, and it projected to inflate at a CAGR of 24.1% between 2019 to 2025. By the end of 2030, the USA cannabis market will reach US$ 80 Billion.

Now, it is time to look after the app development ideas.

  • Mobile app development ideas for Medical Cannabis
  • Medical Marijuana delivery app

At present, there is much demand for on-demand startups/apps in the market. Your business idea can also be the best choice for weed if you invest in the Marijuana delivery app development.

As medical marijuana dispensary developing at a faster rate, cannabis on-demand delivery service will be a convenient choice for the users.

The current generation can accessibly book their medicines using your Uber for medical cannabis app, form their comfort zone. Make your app offers home delivery, and same-day delivery of medication will make your app accessible 24*7.

When you are developing a Medical Marijuana delivery app, you must consider below crucial features to be the best among your competitors.

Key features

  • In-app ordering

With the help of an In-app ordering feature, your users can easily order legal medical marijuana, and they can track current and previous orders. In-app features allow users to track the status of their orders with a single tap.

  • List of marijuana

It is always good to provide a variety of weed options along with their medical benefits to the users. If you want to make the navigation easy for your user, it is better to integrate a search filter. By which the customer can search their required weed without wasting their valuable time.

  • Real-time tracking

The real-time tracking feature is useful for both parties (Users and Business). It helps to keep track of the convoys and helpful in the delivery system. As you are offering real-time tracking, feature integration of Geolocation map is essential.

This feature builds up a trustworthy relationship for users that enables them to order and track with the help of push notifications.

  • Payment integration

Payment integration is another feature you must include in your app. For keeping the record of payments and a hassle-free online money payment, it is better to integrate most trusted payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree.

As we are one of the leading mobile app development company, we have integrated payment gateways in over more than 1000 mobile apps.

  • Live Video streaming app

We are almost done with 2019 and entering in 2020 very soon. Still, most of us will hesitate to open up with doctors regarding weed and cannabis. To be precise, most people among us want to know the exact information about medical marijuana, but they will not dare to talk.

Being a cannabis startup, you can develop a live streaming app for your business.

Currently, live streaming apps have gone viral and effective after the introduction of Facebook live and Instagram IGTV.

Now, you may think that how can my cannabis startup cover through the live video streaming app?

Oh, it is great. I am expecting this question from your end.

With the help of live video streaming weed app, you can go live or live-stream stories of new medical innovations via cannabis. Apart from that, you can also enable the marijuana community/group to make and share video loops, comment, and chat with other professionals.

Next, we move on to the features that you should include in your Uber for medical cannabis.

Key features

  • Live streaming

When you are offering live streaming through your app/startup, you are highlighting your genuine work through which you can easily gain a loyal customer. By placing this feature, your app can become one among the best weed apps, and the right content will portray your business goals.

  • Online video streaming

By having an online video streaming feature, you can easily and instantly impart knowledge to your online users on how cannabis medicine works in a human body. Along with it, you can also tell how the drugs are made (From Manufacture to Dispatch) and some farming tips.

This feature engages more and more people and shares apt information about your organization/brand by which you can build trust among your audiences.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are the upcoming tech trend in the feature. This feature helps the users to interact via in-app chat by which the customers can share their problems that cannot be shared with another person.

  • Information-driven app

The medical cannabis app of Uber can also be an informative platform. With the help of this feature, online users can find out the ideal weed strains to recommended strain lists, via ‘Uber weed near me’ option.

With the help of the information-driven app, you can divulge knowledge on the ideal proportion of weed intake, purification of cannabis, and harmful weed.

Now, we move on to the features that need to be included in the information-driven app.

Key features

  • Trending cannabis news

By including this feature in your app, your on-demand cannabis app will become a hub for knowledge or information. In this feature, you can also integrate the legalization culture to weed and trending news updates of weed producers and companies.

  • Know about cannabis

You can also produce useful information about various types of cannabis. Now, you may get a doubt that why to provide information when we have everything on the internet.

Yes, you can get everything on the internet but not based on the exact niche. Therefore, we can provide curated information related to a particular type of cannabis.

  • GPS map integration

By integrating GPS map, you can guide your online customers to nearby medical dispensaries, cannabis outlets that will provide weed medications.

Apart from the above things, you can also display expert doctors, farms producing weed, and rehabs for weed de-addiction.

  • Final words

AS of now, we have discussed and gone through the some of on-demand Uber for medical cannabis app development thoughts.

As we are into the mobile app development industry for a long time, we can develop and deliver a clone of on-demand weed delivery app to take your marijuana dispensary business online within a few weeks.

At FuGenx, we consider every idea while developing your weed app for iPhone and Android.

If you are still struggling to clarify your doubts about the Uber for weed development cost, how to hire app developers, and so many.

Do contact us, just by filling up our contact us forum.

One of our marketing representatives will reach you out soon. Do not worry about the consulting fee, and it is free of cost.

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